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Video Creation Specialist For Coaches & Speakers.

Benefits of Using Videos To Promote Your Services

More Clients

You can direct the message of your video specifically towards clients and have a specific call to action to encourage them to buy your service.

Bigger Audiences

Create your video with the purpose of having bigger audiences. The mood of your message and your call to action must be geared towards your audience target.

More Speaking Engagements

Having an effective video will help you in closing more speaking engagements.

More Money

When you have more clients, bigger audiences and more speaking engagements it all translates to a better income for you and your family.

Samples of FPG Creative Videos

Speaker Sizzle Reel

See here how an effective sizzle reel combines the best and biggest accomplishments of the speaker. It is well paced, and gives meeting planners all the information they need to make a decision if this is the candidate they want. The tone and presence of the speaker makes a big difference.

Speaker Intro Video

The speaker intro video has ONE SINGLE PURPOSE – to get the audience engaged with you BEFORE you walk up on stage. In this sample you will see how we utilized an US vs. THEM theme to position the audience along with the speaker. A great speaker video is a huge asset for getting hired unto larger and better paying platforms.

Conference Intro

Conference Intro videos – must set you apart from the rest. Your audience is always comparing you to other events, other stages, other possibilities. A great conference intro must establish you as “The GOTO Event” in the eyes of your audience. Notice how we build credibility in this video using the icons of well known media.

Testimonial Video

A good testimonial video lets your customers speak on your behalf. A GREAT testimonial video speaks directly to their internal and often unrealized objections. Notice in this video how we start out with a huge authority play. The first testimonial comes from the CEO of Priceline. This video has helped build a mid-seven figure/year mastermind.

Relative Importance of Video Elements


Opening Statement




Appearance Presence

Put some content here

What You Say


Other Subconscious Elements


High End Graphics

What others are saying about FPG Creative Videos

Marcia Wieder

CEO & Founder of Dream University

Ridgely Goldsborough

Speaker, Author, Business Leader

Roxanne Emmerich

Speaker, Best Selling Author, Consultant,

CEO and President of The Emmerich Group

Hubert Lee

Master Marketing Specialist

We Are The FPG Creative Team


Federico Giller / President & CEO

I believe there is a better way and to contribute to a greater cause!

Founder of FPG Creative, Federico has an amazing ability to take all your years of experience, your ideas, your vision, and consolidate them into very effective and powerful videos that sell. He understands, better than anyone, that a great video is more than flashy intros and looks. It is about being direct and getting your message across cleanly and effectively in the shortest time possible. He is all about helping you make your mark in the world.


Gustavo Pérez / Chief Editor

I believe in making a difference in people's lives and doing things the right way!

Gustavo is the man! when it comes to video putting together your video. He is constantly looking for ways to create better videos for you. His team leadership ensures everyone working together and efficiently to give you the best experience and product.


Hubert Lee/ Product Launch Specialist

I believe in mastery.

Hurbert is our MacGyver! He is our expert product launcher and tech specialist. He can do just about anything and do it well from product launches, website optimisation, SEO, videos, you name it, he gets it done well.

Videos Created To Date (March 2015) 


Speaker Videos


Product Launch Videos


Business Videos


Total Videos

Key Elements of Video

Opening Statement

This is your 8 seconds to fame. It is what determines if people continue to watch your video or go somewhere else.


What do you want to convey? Your script must be clear, concise, and powerful. There is a difference in writing a script for print and one for video.


Key process in your video creation. It puts all the elements into a powerful message, in the right order to move your audience.

Subconscious Elements

Help accentuate different parts of your video. They can be text animations, sound effects, transitions, and other visual effects.


What emotions are you moving in your prospect? Having a clear understanding of what emotion you want to move your prospects towards will allow you to create an effective video.


Determines the mood you want to set for your video. Music will either make or break your video.

Images & Footage

Image and Footage selection are key in delivering a powerful & effective video. They set the overall mood and visual stimulus to your video.

Call To Action

Moves your prospects to call, buy, subscribe, etc. You must have a call to action at the end of each video.

Video Presence

Your body language sells more than your message. How are you dressed? Are you smiling, confident? Your passion must come thru if you want your prospects to buy your message.

We Can Help You Make Your Mark In The World.

  • $4,500
  • One Video
    • Script Editing
    • Royalty Free Music
    • Stock Images
    • Voiceover Male/Female
    • Video Assembly
    • 2 Revisions
    • Optimised Render for Web
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  • $7,500
  • 2 Video Package
    • Script Editing
    • Stock Music
    • Stock Images
    • Voiceover Male/Female
    • Video Assembly
    • 2 Revisions
    • Optimised Render for Web
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  • $Call
  • Premium Plan
    • Script Editing
    • Onsite Filming
    • Onsite broll filming
    • Stock Music
    • Video Assembly
    • 2 Revisions
    • Optimized Render for Web
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