Will You Share Your Story? We Need to Start Rowing in the Right Direction

Federico Giller

20+yrs Award-Winning Video Storyteller | Online Video Marketing | Speaker Reels| TV Commercials | Leadership Videos

In a time of fear and uncertainty, we need to be reconnected with our humanity. There are stories in your business that exemplify moments of deep caring, insight, possibility, and profitability in the midst of the chaos. I put forward to you, these stories are worth capturing, not from a selfish self-promotion angle, but rather as an example and an inspiration to other members of your community, to your clients, individuals and businesses that are desperately searching for an insight, a ray of hope, or glimmer of possibility that will help them move past the 24-hour fear-based news cycle of doom and gloom on steroids.

As a #business owner, an #entrepreneur are you willing to be a voice of possibility? Are you willing to take a stand for good, and share your stories of success that exemplify the indomitable entrepreneurial spirit?

Here are 3 easy steps to help you frame the story:

  1. What was the problem you encountered, and why was it significant.
  2. What did you (or your team members do) to tackle the problem and what insight did you get?
  3. What were the results and who benefited from them?

…and here are a few more suggestions on how to BE with respect to telling your story:

  1. Be real.
  2. Be raw.
  3. Be genuine.

If this inspires you to write a #story or produce a short #videostory please tag me. I’d love to see it!

Federico Giller

Federico Giller

20+yrs Award-Winning Video Storyteller | Online Video Marketing | Speaker Reels| TV Commercials | Leadership Videos Early in my marketing career, I discovered that video was the most powerful medium in marketing and made it my mission to master the skill. It’s a way to bring texture and emotion into life. My secret? I approach my work with heart and have become proficient at awakening emotion in my viewers. As a Human Ecologist, my earlier work included nature videos as a hobby and ultimately, I learned to incorporate my talent into a viable business. I also have an altruistic side and in 1995, I founded a nonprofit in Venezuela that focused on helping Native Americans in the Guyana Highlands (near Brazil) integrate with modern society and farmers in the high Andes. To this day, I remain active with this organization. In 2012, I founded FPG Creative Inc., an international video marketing company devoted to helping thought leaders, business owners, entrepreneurs, speakers, coaches and more recently non-profit organizations market themselves in the online and offline world. * We assist CEOs and executives to communicate more effectively with their employees and their target markets * Keynote Speakers and Though Leaders - producing impactful speaker demo reels


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