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Ballet Palm Beach

This is a moving, compelling video designed to inspire prospective donors. It features limbic messaging and heart-warming images of some of the top Ballet performances in Palm Beach.

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Secret Knock

This event mingles top CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies with startup entrepreneurs and thought leaders.

The video portrays the experiences of top CEO’s in a fun and informal setting.

The Banky Awards

You’ve probably heard of the Emmy’s, the Tony’s and the Grammy’s. The Banky is the event that recognizes the top performing community banks in America.

This is a promotional video to inspire banks to apply and enroll in the event. We use a combination of head to camera shots from the Founder of the Institute for Extraordinary Banking with shots of the actual event from. Note the combination of b-roll and how it supports the main narrative, and call to action.

CEO Space International

CEO Space international is a think tank and business idea generator. Dubbed by Forbes Magazine as one of the top 6 must-attend conferences for many years in a row.

This video combines testimonials from participants, faculty and some of the worlds most recognized speakers with actual shots and narratives about the event. The video takes you into the experience from a participant’s point of view. It is geared at the startup entrepreneur who is looking to have their business transformed and grown into a solid money-making machine with a mission.

Speaking Empire

Speaking Empire has been the industry leader in training people how to build a profitable speaking business.

This video takes you on a journey through the challenges and hesitations of being a speaker into the process and potential that can be unleashed by going through the process.

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Tom Feltenstein

This video features Tom’s international reputation as a top-level marketing genius and strategist.

Roxanne Emmerich

Roxanne is one of the top speakers in the U.S. She is a member of the National Speakers Association Hall of Fame.

Ridgely Goldsborough

Ridgely is a world-recognized expert on Mind Types, and has done international tours. His latest world tour featured 23 countries in 30 days.

This video portrays the way he engages with audiences from around the world with a combination of his in-depth knowledge on limbic messaging and his real to this world approachability.

Kristin Arnold

Kristin is the past-President of the National Speakers Association. Always an honor to be searched by the top speakers at the top of their game.

This video showcases Kristin in her different roles as speaker, facilitator of panel moderator. The original footage was inherited from the events and we did the best to make it look great. All other post-production graphics to help tell the story were created by our team of editors.

Non-Profit Organizations

Take Stock In Children

This video features the story of the beneficiaries. Note the hero’s journey being woven throughout the multiple testimonials from totally different young adults.

This video was part of a series that was packaged into a beautiful full HD Video book. The video series was designed to attract new high-end donors. When you are asking for mid-five to six-figure donations, you need to present your best foot forward, move your prospects emotionally, and earn their trust. This video series accomplished this beautifully for our client.

Inner Explorer

Inner Explorer provides with a mindfulness technology. It is now available in over 30,000 schools and close to  1 Million users.

The video series featured multiple stories from teachers and students across different settings – from youth at risk, to super high-performance students.

First Care for Women’s Clinic

Our client wanted a video to open a $4,000,000 fundraising initiative.

The video shows the (s)hero’s journey of young women faced with the challenge of unwanted pregnancy and how through the support of FCWC, they were able to move past their fear and embrace the challenge of giving birth to their babies. The video was designed to emotionally touch the audience so the ensuing presentation would resonate with a deeper reason WHY this was important. Note the subtle use of camera angles, lighting, and the shift during the final call to action.

The U.S. Dream Academy

This video was at the core of a successful GoFundMe campaign designed to help underprivileged children….

Take Stock in Children

This is the first video in a series of 3 that sets the emotional tone for a major ongoing fundraising campaign.

Friends of Palm Beach

This video was 100% shot on an iPhone 7. It features real stories and testimonials from members and volunteers who go out on a weekly basis to clean the beaches of plastic pollution.

The project was featured in the local news and it got a ton of publicity and attention for the organization.