What Top CEOs Say About
Federico Giller

Tom Feltenstein

President & CEO Power Marketing Academy

“I’ve had the privilege of working with over 100 strategic alliances during my career. There’s only six people that I have been willing to endorse. I’ve recommended Federico to all my big clients – Disney, Hyatt, Subway, Coke, Jersey Mike’s, Morton’s Steakhouse. He makes me look good.”

Prior to being a consultant to Fortune 500 companies in the franchising and hospitality industries for the past 40 years, Tom served as senior vice president for an international, billion-dollar advertising agency, Bozell Advertising. He also owned a chain of 14 restaurants. As Ray Kroc’s disciple, he began his career with McDonald’s, rising up to become a senior-level executive.

Roxanne Emmerich

Founder and Chair, The Institute for Extraordinary Banking
President & CEO, The Emmerich Group

“Federico shoots hundreds and hundreds of videos for us on our live events. …He brings not only a wonderful sense of videography and makes everything look good, but the real magic is Federico gets humans and the connection and the impact. He knows how to get it done…”

Roxanne Emmerich is America’s most sought-after workplace transformation expert. She is listed by Sales and Marketing Management magazine as one of the 12 most requested speakers in the country for her ability to transform negative workplace performance and environments into “bring it on” results-oriented cultures.

Lloyd Harrison

President & Chief Executive Officer
Virginia Partners Bank

“When we engaged Federico to help us produce a video, it ended up being one of the most effective ways of communicating that anybody in the company had ever experienced… The final result was beyond our wildest dreams. It was over the top, a very professionally done video and I can’t recommend him any more highly“.

Bill Penney

President & Chief Executive Officer
Marine Bank & Trust

“He’s not the least expensive, but it’s going to be the best, the absolute best. And it gets done quickly with no drama and the end result is amazing”.

Marcia Wieder

CEO, Dream University
Founder, The Meaning Institute

“Federico is a unique blend of brilliant creativity and tremendous heartfelt commitment. He is a man of great integrity and turns the product around quickly and it’s always exceptional.”

For over 30 years, Marcia Wieder has been an inspiring speaker and CEO of Dream University, impacting hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. As a long-established thought leader on visionary thinking she founded and leads, The Meaning Institute, a modern-day Mystery School, where she teaches people to create and live fulfilling lives. She’s been a columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle, writes for Huffington Post and is the author of 15 books. Marcia is a frequent guest on Oprah and was featured in her own PBS-TV show called “Making Your Dreams Come True”.

Chris Floyd

President & Chief Executive Officer
First National Bank of Syracuse

“The amazing thing about working with Federico Giller was [that] he helped us tell the story [of our bank]… I had so many people come up to me afterwards and say, “You know, that was so authentic. Federico helped us really tell that story and make that connection that we are real people in real communities. And we’re working hard to keep our communities alive and running.

Wintley Phipps

Voice Artist, Founder of the U.S. Dream Academy

“…But I must tell you, there’s something unique about his work. Not only do you see it, but you can feel the love and the passion that you’re trying to exhibit and you’re trying to share with the world. I highly recommend Federico Giller and his work to you”.

Wintley has performed for American presidents Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama at several National Prayer Breakfast events and other celebrations. He performed for Rosa Parks’ 77th Birthday gala at the Kennedy Center, Mother Teresa of Calcutta, and former South African President Nelson Mandela. He has appeared on programs such as the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. television special, Dr. Robert Schuller’s Hour of Power Telecast, and the Billy Graham Crusades; at the Vatican, and as guest soloist at Diana Ross’s wedding ceremony in Switzerland, and on Saturday Night LiveSoul Train, and The Oprah Winfrey Show. He has conducted lectures in Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa, and North and South America.

Ridgely Goldsborough

Founder and President, A View from The Ridge
President & CEO, Mind Types

“When I talk about making a video sing, what I’m talking about is accomplishing the objective that you have for that video in a beautiful, aesthetic, amazing way that when your call to action comes through, people take that action, help you grow your business, increase whatever it is that you’re trying to do in a powerful, compelling way. That’s what Federico does”.

Author and International Speaker, Ridgely Goldsborough, believes in taking complex and challenging topics and making sense out of them. He started his first business at the age of 16 and after graduating from Law School in 1987 has started a total 43 companies. He speaks around the world, in both English and Spanish, as one of the foremost experts in internet marketing, with a specific emphasis on cause-based marketing. He has written 16 books, hosted his own television show and created dozens of audio and video programs on success and prosperity.

Hubert Lee

Strategic Consultant

“I’ve worked with a lot of top ad agencies and clients, big names like Pfizer and Merrill Lynch. I want to share with you when I need a video, I go to Federico Giller. This man is incredible. In a pinch, he’ll come through a big, big way”.

Hubert insists on putting the end-users first. “All successful market interactions are based on human to human exchanges that bring value.” according to Hubert. “Your end-user must come first – because they have the power to make or break you.”

Walter Bond

Speaker, Author, Founder of The Shark Mindset
Former NBA Pro Player

“He took a simple Zoom podcast and made it sizzle. So if you’re looking for someone to help you with all of your production quality and value, I mean, he’s a no brainer, and a super nice guy, and very, very intelligent of not just production quality, but also how the whole sales process works”.

Walter travels the country speaking, coaching, teaching, and inspiring companies across a wide range of industries, from financial services to agriculture and franchising to real estate and many more in between. At any given time, you can find Walter leading a mastermind class, offering one on one professional development, hosting book talks, and coaching hungry business leaders and entrepreneurs towards success.

While many know Walter Bond as a former NBA player, more and more people know Walter as a passionate and motivated speaker, author, and business coach with one goal: to help people see their full potential.

Rhandi Wallace

Marketing Director
Take Stock in Children

“Federico helps you to take the vision that you have right in front of you and turn it into something that you never would have even thought that you could imagine”.

Beau Hyman

Executive Director, First Care Women’s Clinic

“We were blown away by the process. He did an amazing job just walking us through exactly what he wanted. He’s truly a consummate professional”.


Beau Hyman is the executive director of First Care Women’s Clinic a West Palm Beach based non-profit organization devoted to helping young mothers give birth and raise healthy babies.